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“Remember when courageous pranksters at Man Crunch stuck it to the homophobes at CBS by getting gay organizations to fight for the right to have gays on TV?Are we so starved for representation on TV that we’ll fight for bad representation over none at all?Here are a few things to consider when looking for an over 50 online dating date: 1.) Mobile Version Site optimized and designed for you to look for single people via mobile phone!

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The ad’s subtext is that the mere touch of a man can turn gay even the most butch football fan, and that gays just can’t control themselves sex-wise—they’ll start humping each other anywhere—at a football game, in your living room, The men in the commercial don’t even have balls enough to actually kiss each other, they just neck like moronic sixth graders.

CBS should be commended for rejecting such a piece of crap — for its substance, not its message — and with any luck, Man will be dead within the year.(NB: An interesting post-script to CBS’s ad conundrum: High-profile lawyer Gloria Allred has threatened to sue CBS if they air FOF’s pro-life ad for “false advertising,” as Tim Tebow’s mother, who says she refused to abort her baby despite doctors’ recommendations, couldn’t have had a abortion in the Philippines without facing prison time, since abortions there for any reason are illegal.

I don’t really get why you’d monitor private messages so closely —- especially if the parties are “of age”.

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